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(The Determined Renaissance of the American Singer through Growth and Organization of the Novice)


~25 Years of Leading The Way Through Exceptional Dedication and Innovation~



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Welcome to Dragon's home on the web!



Although DRAGON is a Michigan-based chapter of the American Singers Club, Inc, the club has members throughout the United States and Canada. The name DRAGON stands for “the determined renaissance of the American Singer through growth and organization of the novice”.


DRAGON was established twenty-six years ago and has remained focused on its original mission of furthering the American Singer canary by recruiting novices into the fancy and providing support and encouragement to both novice and experienced breeders. DRAGON provides assistance to novices seeking to locate quality breeding stock via its stock referral program and education regarding canary-related issues such as breeding, management, showing, etc.


DRAGON publishes a monthly newsletter which includes at least two informational articles about topics such as breeding, molting, illness, exhibiting, and other areas of interest to the American Singer fancier.


DRAGON supports the annual DRAGON Song Trials which are held on the second Saturday of the month of November in Livonia, Michigan. 


A number of DRAGON members have well over two decades of experience in the American Singer fancy and there are quite a few current and former officers of the national American Singers Club, Inc. in our ranks. One of our members, Judy Snider, is currently the longest serving ASC sanctioned judge in the national club. As of 2008, our membership list includes seven current ASC sanctioned judges and four retired ASC judges.



DRAGON's 25th Anniversary American Singer Specialty show was recently featured on the National Public Radio show, Day To Day. Listen to the story here. If for some reason the link does not work you can visit Day to Day's website and find the story by searching for "canaries" or you can go to the Long Haul Productions site.


Be sure to check out the numerous educational articles on the site!

Also check out the historical American Singer Snippets.


DRAGON has a number of unique fundraising items including American Singer t-shirts, a canary breeding video, & canary song tapes for sale as well.


January 2011 - January 2012 DRAGON Officers

Co-Presidents/Heads of DRAGON - Pete Porciello

Treasurer/ Money Changer - Rick Knopp

Show Manager/ Stockman - Tom Yang

Fundraiser - Rick Knopp

Education Department - Charlie Schembri

Library & Website - Marie Russell


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